Multi-Eagle can have a 13-18mm pile height depending on the application. It is perfect for a quality synthetic putting green and delivers a most realistic experience comparable
with conventional surfaces for most ball games including hockey, cricket practice nets, tennis, soccer (without studs) or any surface where good ball reaction from a firm surface is important. The use of polyethylene fibers in bi-
colour green for a natural appearance also provides product longevity in all climates. This product is ideal for indoor or outdoor use, for entertainment in your own back yard or to take your ball skills to the next level. 


Fairway Natural has a 25mm pile height and is an economically priced product with the natural appearance and feel of a freshly cut lawn. Care has been taken in the design and development of this grass to provide an economical product that blends naturally with the environment. This is a fine product to consider when careful budgeting is a concern. It carries a five year
UV and Manufacturing warranty.


Fairway Autumn a 30mm pile height and a luxurious natural maintained lawn appearance. It is lush and rich with blades that have
remarkable recovery characteristics after being flattened. It carries an 8 year Manufacturing and UV Warranty in normal sun conditions.


Fairway Spring has a 30mm pile height with a rich deep green appearance. It is lush and full with firm blades that have good “bounce back”
characteristics. It carries an 8 year Manufacturing and UV Warranty in normal
sun conditions.


Fairway Summer has a 35mm pile height and is one of our premium products. It’s colour is a luxurious combination of Spring and Autumn, making it a very popular choice. It is more dense and plush than our 30mm products and carries a 10 year Manufacturing and UV warranty in normal sun conditions.


Pet Grass has a 30mm pile height and is similar in appearance and feel to our other 30mm products but is designed and developed as a pet
friendly product with a net-like porous backing. Consequently, it has superior drainage capabilities and the unique design facilitates easy removal of pet excrement and cleaning. Lingering bad odours and germs can easily be
eliminated if the affected area is cleaned with a product Biochem, a biochemical cleaner which uses a combination of naturally
occurring micro-organisms and their enzyme to digest organic matter such as dog urine, excrement, sputum etc. Lightly soiled areas can be cleaned with a common anti-bacterial household detergent or dish washing liquid and warm water.


Our installation process usually incorporates a Bidim weed barrier and drainage system with a 50mm quarry dust sub- base under the artificial turf, a concrete border and the cutting and pasting of the material. It should be noted however that while highly recommended as a precautionary measure, the use of Bidim unfortunately may still not entirely eradicate some more stub-born weeds in which case they will have to be removed by the roots and the area treated with a weed/ root repellent. Once the turf is set in place, an infill of silica sand is spread evenly over the surface using specialised equipment. This sand settles into the depths of the turf and helps to reduce heat, encourages longevity and allows the grass blades to remain upright for a natural grass appearance.

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